The Emerging Threat of Sand and Dust Storms

Sand and dust storms have begun to pose a serious threat to human health, the environment, and socio-economic sectors. Scientists have found that over the last decade the threat of sand and dust storms has accelerated and escalated in both frequency and intensity. In his interview, Professor Carlos Pérez García-Pando, AXA Chair at the Barcelona Supercomputing School, talked us through his research project on predicting and understanding sand and dust storms. In this webinar moderated by Christelle Castet, Climatologist at AXA Climate, we discover the societal and environmental impact of sand and dust storms as well as their causes and future outlook in regard to climate change. Prof. Carlos Pérez García-Pando is involved in fundamental research to develop accurate forecasting models, such as FRAGMENT, which investigates dust mineralogical variations on climate and EMIT, a NASA mission that was launched on a SpaceX rocket in July 2022. Furthermore, one focus of the AXA Chair is the effect of sand and dust storms on global health, an area in which Prof. Carlos Pérez García-Pando contributes to quantifying the effects of pollutants and dust on respiratory and cardiovascular disease and mortality.

00:00 Introduction
00:37 The differences between sand dust storms
02:08 The most affected geographic areas
03:35 The multiple causes of sand and dust storms
05:30 Climate change connection
12:10 Sand and dust storms modeling and prediction
16:32 The impacts of sand and dust storms
19:18 Impact mitigation and adaptation
22:23 The future research and policy recommendations

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