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An online learning experience, made of 150+ microlearning chapters, 100% customizable, to engage and upskill your employees in your sustainable transition.

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Featured capabilities

Climate Risk Screening
Adaptation Scoring
Climate Hotline

Climate Risk Screening

Priorization of most-at-risk site at a portfolio level

Presentation of key climate risks among 50+ indicators at site level

Highlight of key vulnerabilities to investigate at site level

Adaptation Scoring

1 adaptation scoring per asset for 3 pillars:
- Awareness & Governance
- Physical Vulnerability
- Insurability

Detailed assessment of physical vulnerability per assets' sub-components

Climate hotline

A climate expert to answer all
climate-related questions

Agri statistics
Protect your assets against hurricanes by parametric insurance at AXA Climate
Protect your transimission and distribution assets from climate risks

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