The destructive power of hailstorms is often underestimated, yet a single storm is often sufficient to wipe out an entire harvest or cause significant damage to vehicles. As the economic damage from hailstorms continues to rise, businesses are seeing a sharp increase in their hail insurance deductibles and premiums.

AXA Climate’s HAIL Protection, powered by Understory’s high-precision weather stations, offers flexible and cost-effective coverage. In our hail insurance, there are no claims adjusters, no financial deductibles and payout occurs quickly after a damaging storm.

How does it work

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Customize : you select payout limits and hail size options to customize the policy to your needs, and we install an Understory weather station to monitor the insured area
Measure : whenever a storm hits, the weather stations detect and analyze the storm’s unique fingerprint
Payout : if the storm produces hail stones large enough to trigger your policy, we alert you right away and payout quickly, with no adjusters involved

When to contact us?

Contact us up until two months before the start of a hail season in your area
hail process
Data we will need from you:
Details of the current hail coverage (insured value, deductible, limit, premium)
Coverage limit requested per site
Surface area per site
Historical losses


Parametric cover for a car dealership in the USA

Client NEED
With a large number of exposed vehicles and a high risk for hail, a car dealership was looking for a solution to help recover losses from decreased car value and building damage following a hailstorm.
Pain point: The dealership’s traditional coverage included high deductibles and several exclusions.
Our solution
Our hail parametric insurance policy covers this car dealership, using a specific weather station for hail installed on site.
There is no deductible, no exclusion and a fast payout in case of hail storm.
In 2019, a hailstorm passed over the insured dealership and the weather station recorded hail in excess of 3.8 cm, which triggered the policy.
The client received a rapid payout and was able to recover quickly from the storm, filling in the gaps in the client’s traditional insurance policy.

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