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24/7 Natural hazards protection platform

Powered by technology and delivered by experts, CYMO provides you with a complete service offer to anticipate, alert and respond effectively to any climate risk the might affect your organization and employees.
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Anticipate climate risks

Understand your exposure to climate risks and develop a strong resilience to face natural disasters through real time information and risk assessment.
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Monitor and receive alerts

Receive gradual alerting according to the severity of the disaster, with contextualized and customized information to make the right decisions at the right time.
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Assess and respond on-time

Visual assessment in case of natural disasters with a 3-vector approach using satellites, drones and social network analysis to visualize damages caused by the event and their severity.
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Are you prepared to face climate change disruption?

The world is expected to experience more disruptive extreme climate events with global socioeconomic impacts that could become substantial. From storms, flood, hurricanes or earthquakes, natural hazard can hit you at any moment, anywhere.

Since everything is a matter of preparedness and timing of decision, we at CYMO help you prepare to climate risk, develop your resilience and champion the unknown.
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The most complete platform for companies and public entities

CYMO provides you with the right information at the right moment to take appropriate decisions before, during and
after a natural disaster.

Detailed assessment of climate risk

CYMO is an innovative product that aims to enable you understand your exposure to climate risks impacting your organization and people, to improve the preparedness and anticipate any potential hazard or damage.
Climate hazard and NatCat risk analysis
Validated geocoding and asset visualization
Adaptation of your contingency plans
Climate risk anticipation by CYMO
CYMO contextualized alerting

Real time risk monitoring and alerting

Thanks to the support of passionate experts and operational teams, CYMO provides you with contextualized notifications that are triggered based on the event impact and that take in account the very local environment characteristics. Based on advanced technology and expertise, alerting starts early to avoid any damages or disruptions arising from climate risks.
24/7 real time natural hazard monitoring
Early gradual alerting to anticipate potential damages
Access to live monitoring platform

Immediate assistance and support in case of disaster

When climate hazard impact your organization or business, you can fully rely on CYMO's team to quickly evaluate the damage severity on your site, define what actions should be taken to protect employees and business activity but also deploy them on the field.
Immediate analysis of damages caused by natural hazards
Action plan defined according to the impact severity
Assistance to protect assets and people
CYMO impact assessment of natural disasters
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